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Love scenes? No thanks

14th February 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! Romance in Primary School plays…embarrassing, awkward, inappropriate? Yep, mostly. Many kids find love scenes too awkward to… Read More

Try An Instrument Day

7th February 2019

Primary School Musical Beginnings Oxfordshire Music Hub ran a brilliant “Try an Instrument” day last week. There was a woodwind… Read More

New Christmas Musical for KS1

30th October 2018

Star Struck is our 3rd infant nativity for KS1. And yes, we continue to be, um, a bit different. In… Read More

Wartime Primary School Musicals

23rd October 2018

With all these wartime primary school musicals under our belt, you might think we’re a bit obsessed. But WW1 musicals… Read More

The late, late Primary School Nativity

21st November 2017

“You can’t buy your Christmas show NOW! You’ve got 4 weeks of term left!” – I want to shout down… Read More

Primary School Musicals and the joy of finishing them

2nd October 2017

Oh my word, we’ve done it. Victorian Villainy, our next show, is FINISHED. As usual, I am sick to the… Read More