Wartime Primary School Musicals

23rd October 2018

With all these wartime primary school musicals under our belt, you might think we’re a bit obsessed.

But WW1 musicals Christmas 1914, A Letter to the Trenches, and Tin Hats and Telegrams, and WW2 musical Archibald’s War do seem to resonate with the kids – maybe because it’s such recent history, maybe because their great-grandparents were involved. Maybe they just like being soldiers :-).


If you’ve got a Remembrance day assembly coming up, have a listen to our version of For The Fallen:



You can download it for free right here (on the right)



Good luck to all those schools gearing up to do our Armistice Day musical Tin Hats & Telegrams! Sing your heads off, make ‘em laugh and make ‘em cry!