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Gold to Bethlehem


A Christmas Musical for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

30+ speaking parts (flexible)
7 songs (plus reprises)
Running time 40 minutes

Three Kings, but only two of them bearing gifts! When the absent-minded King leaves his bag behind, young Kezia, a shepherdess, decides she will take the Gold to Bethlehem …

This funny, festive and heartwarming Christmas musical combines all the elements of a classic Nativity with Kezia’s eventful journey, which leads her to the stable just in time to return the gold. The seven outstanding new songs include the haunting This Must Be Gold, dramatic Lock her in the Dungeon! and truly glorious finale, Deo Gloria.

Full of humour and action to appeal to a KS2 cast, with lots of character roles and flexible chorus groups of Villagers, Shepherds, Guards and Angels, Gold to Bethlehem is the perfect KS2 Nativity.

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