Original primary school musicals, with sparkling scripts and brilliant songs!

The “Not Now!” Nativity


A Christmas musical for Key Stage 1 (ages 4-7)

30+ speaking parts (flexible)
7 songs (plus reprises)
Running time 25 minutes

Sarah, the innkeeper’s daughter, has a song she wants to sing – but no-one has time to listen.

The innkeepers are busy preparing for hundreds of visitors; the shepherds are busy keeping their flock in order; and the three Kings are busy following the star.

Meanwhile Mary and Joseph can’t find anywhere to stay. When Sarah’s parents offer them their stable, Sarah finally gets the chance to sing her song – and everyone joins in.

This brand new nativity for KS1 is packed with catchy tunes, humour and charm. There are flexible cast groups of Innkeepers, Visitors, Shepherds (plus unruly sheep), Stars (who just LOVE to twinkle) and some rather noisy Angels.

The songs can be divided up – or everyone can sing everything!

The seven songs include Hear My Song, Everybody Wants To Be A Christmas Star, Wake up, Shepherds! and rousing finale Sing It Out Loud.