Production Pack + Digital Download

You can purchase a digital copy of the script, score and songs when you buy any Production Pack. Just select the '+ Digital Download' option and add it to your basket.

How It Works
  • After placing your order online, by phone or by post, you will receive an email link which will direct you to download a zip file from our website. This file contains your own digital version of the show.
  • SAVE then OPEN the zip file containing the read-only PDFs of the script and score, and the MP3 files of the vocal and backing tracks.
  • You may share the Show files with your pupils and staff, as long as this is within your school setting.
  • The Digital Download option is only available to buy with the hard copy of the Production Pack, which will be sent to you as normal.
  • PayPal and credit card sales will receive an email link instantly along with the order confirmation.
  • UK schools paying by invoice will have to wait a short time (typically less than 12 hours) for us to verify the order before receiving an email link.
Full Terms & Conditions
  • Digital Downloads are only available at the time of purchase of the Production Pack of your musical.
  • The email link will remain active for one week. Please call us if you need your link reactivated.
  • Once the download has commenced, it cannot be refunded or cancelled.
  • When a digital product is purchased, no refund can be made for the associated physical product.
  • The MP3 files, sheet music and lyrics contained within your product must not be uploaded to any extranet/internet accessible outside of your school, and must not be shared with other schools/establishments.
  • You do not have permission to send or email all or any part of the digital file to anyone outside of your school setting.
  • Spiderweb Musicals assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect your computer equipment or other property on account of your download from Spiderweb Musicals.
  • Original works and intellectual compositions are protected by copyright law. If a person reproduces, distributes copies or displays work without the consent of the copyright holder they are in violation of the law.
  • All files contained within the zip file © Kane & Kane.
Performance Licences

It is a legal requirement for any school or organisation planning to put on a performance of a published musical to purchase a Grand Right Licence (performance licence) from the publisher. Blanket licences or permissions taken out with copyright agencies such as PRS or CLA do not cover school musicals.

You must purchase a performance licence from us before any public performance of one of our musicals - even if it's just for parents (but our Christmas Songbook does not require a licence).

Annual licences are £25(KS1) and £27.50 (KS2) and can be bought online or by post. Purchases must be made at least one week prior to the performance.

P&P is FREE for any UK order that includes a Performance Licence.

A licence allows you to put on as many performances as you wish within one school term. For guidance on recording or broadcasting any songs from our musicals please get in touch.

Audio-Visual Licences

If you are planning to video your show and sell the DVD (even for charity) you will need an Audio-Visual licence. AV Licences are £20 and can be bought online or by phone or post. All DVDs need to state copyright and authorship.