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Christmas 1914


A Christmas Musical for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

40+ speaking parts (flexible)
8 songs
Running time 45 minutes

August 1914. It’s War! Joe and his friends rush off to enlist, leaving anxious families and sweethearts behind. The girls are soon hard at work in the munitions factory, while the lads go through Basic Training.

But young Alfie has lost an important letter, Grace’s Dad cannot accept her working in the factory, and poor Mrs Schroder is being victimized for her German name.

To a rousing chorus of wartime favourites, the lads leave for France.

As the grim reality of war takes hold, letters to and from the trenches become ever more important. So when Alfie finally delivers the all-important letter, Grace is over the moon. Out on the front line, even the misery of the trenches is briefly lightened by the Christmas Truce.

As Christmas comes, the community gathers for a carol concert. The show ends with a poignant moment of remembrance for absent loved ones.

We have carefully balanced a serious approach to World War One with a script that’s warm, accessible and funny. With 7 brand new songs, plus a wartime medley, a large cast and opportunities for solo singing, Christmas 1914 is a fantastic way to introduce young people to WW1.

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