Original primary school musicals, with sparkling scripts and brilliant songs!

Pandora’s Box


A musical for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

25 speaking parts (flexible)
6 songs
Running time 25 minutes

“Wondering what’s inside it
Might just drive me mad
If I took a little look
Now would that be so bad?”

There’s trouble on Mount Olympus when the Gods realise that Prometheus has stolen Fire. Zeus is determined to get revenge on the mortals, who seem to be having far too much fun.

So the Gods create Pandora – a beautiful wife for the gullible Epimetheus. A mysterious box accompanies her. After the excitement of the wedding is over, how can Pandora resist taking a peek?

This witty retelling of the Greek Myth is short, memorable and easy to stage. The flexible cast includes the argumentative Gods, the cheery Mortals and the sinister Evils who Pandora releases from the box.

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