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Bravo Beethoven! An assembly


An assembly for Key Stage 2

Up to 17 speaking parts

2 short songs + 4 musical excerpts

Running time 15 mins

This fun assembly comprises of a short play in 6 scenes, telling the eventful story of Beethoven’s life.

We begin with his tyrannical father making him practice all day and night, then progress through his rise to fame – despite his TERRIBLE temper. We recount his rows with Princes, doomed love affair, huge successes and then the sad onset of his deafness.

There are four short musical extracts – the famous 5th symphony, the Moonlight Sonata, the fiery Hammerklavier and Ode to Joy – and there are two very short songs written to Beethoven melodies.

This assembly has up to 17 speaking roles, an opportunity for every child to act in the onstage “orchestra” at the end, and Reader roles for as many as you choose. It lasts about 15 minutes.

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