Original primary school musicals, with sparkling scripts and brilliant songs!

Christmas Songbook


A Christmas Resource for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

13 original songs
Christmas songbook with CD: £20
(no Performance Licence required)

Piano score with guitar chords
Photocopiable lyric sheets
CD with full versions & backing tracks

Optional digital download


Our Christmas songbook contains 8 favourite numbers from our musicals, plus 5 brand new songs. You’ll find:

  • Christmas songs based on the Christmas story, like That’s What The Angel Said and Christmas Lullaby, which will fit perfectly into a carol service or nativity;
  • Uplifting Christmas songs ideal for concerts and assemblies (Bring Them To The Manger and Hallelujah);
  • Fun Christmas songs like Hey Santa and Hurry Quick Quick Quick.

These memorable and inspiring songs are written in a wide range of musical styles. From gentle lullabies to rousing concert finales, from Santa Claus to traditional nativity themes… if you’re searching for something new this Christmas – look no further!

Contents: December / It’s A Miracle / Bring Them To The Manger / Herod’s Song / Hurry Quick Quick Quick / Christmas Lullaby / Sing Hallelujah / Look At Those Stars / Have You Heard The News? / A Song For Christmas / Hey Santa / That’s What The Angel Said / Tread Softly