Original primary school musicals, with sparkling scripts and brilliant songs!

The Bethlehem Builders


A Christmas musical for Key Stage 1 (ages 4-7)

25+ speaking parts (flexible)
7 songs (plus reprises)
Running time 30 minutes

It’s a busy life for a builder in Bethlehem!

The shepherds need their barn fixing, the Roman soldiers want a new podium, and the innkeeper has a hole in his stable roof…

Meanwhile, a party of travellers from Nazareth are taking their time on the journey. At this rate, how will poor old Mary and Joseph find anywhere to stay?

Somehow our overworked heroes find time for all the jobs, just in time for some special visitors.

With kings, angels, shepherds, Romans, citizens and travellers galore, there’s a part for everyone in this charming nativity.

“The Bethlehem Builders” features 7 catchy new songs and a sparkling comic script.