New Christmas Musical for KS1

30th October 2018

Star Struck is our 3rd infant nativity for KS1. And yes, we continue to be, um, a bit different. In all the right ways 😄

Star struck cover

Star Struck follows the adventures of an over-curious star, who is so interested in the goings-on in Bethlehem that she accidentally tumbles down and joins in.

Are there Shepherds? Of course there are shepherds! Wise men? Tick. Inn-keepers? Inn-dubitably.

Mary & Joseph? Angels? This is a nativity, folks! All the right Christmas characters, doing traditional things, and a zingy new story woven round it.

We have a short and humorous script, written very specifically to work with this age-range, lots of speaking roles, and magnificent songs.

Listen to the songs

What’s not to like? Hop over to the Show page now for all the details, and perform Star Struck this Christmas for Guaranteed Children/Teacher/Audience Happiness.


Tried and tested Christmas musicals for KS1, The ”Not Now!” Nativity and “Bethlehem Builders” continue to zoom off the shelves and wing their way to all 4 corners of GB, and are good choices if you’re nervous about doing a brand new Christmas play.