Original primary school musicals, with sparkling scripts and brilliant songs!

Squeak! 4-song, 4-bubble version


Primary School Musical for Key Stage 2

Shortened and adapted for 4 separate bubbles


A Christmas Musical for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

40+ speaking parts (flexible)
4 songs (plus optional extra)
Running time 30 minutes


Notes about this version

This version has been rewritten for 4 separate bubbles, who have 1 song each. It could easily be performed in 2 or 3 bubbles also. We’ve included really clear instructions for each bubble. It is still a play – so the action goes back and forth between bubbles – but we’ve kept it as simple as possible. There are also tips on streaming or videoing your show. The script sample below has more details.

The Plot

The story of how Silent Night came to be written… possibly!

Franz Gruber and his choir are hard at work in the village church, preparing for their Christmas concert, when they are visited by OFCHRISP (The Office for Standards in Christmas Productions) who seem certain to close them down.

For starters, they ban them from feeding the Church mice. But when the mice resort to eating the organ bellows, the Christmas concert looks in real danger.

Mr Gruber sets to work,  writing a new song to perform without the organ. But at dead of night, someone comes to steal the church silver. Only the mice can raise the alarm!

Happily all is resolved, and our show ends with a traditional nativity, culminating with Mr Gruber’s new song – Silent Night.

Featuring a trio of Cleaning Ladies, a guitar-playing Vicar and a very opinionated Mouse Chorus, Squeak offers an unusual alternative to a traditional nativity.

This version is available as a digital download only, comprising pdf script, pdf score and mp3s of the songs (with and without vocals).