Original primary school musicals, with sparkling scripts and brilliant songs!

The Amazing NHS!
(and the aliens in A & E)


Primary school musical for KS2


35+ speaking parts (flexible)
7 songs
Running time 30 minutes




Drama strikes at the Children’s Hospital when aliens from outer space crashland into A&E.   All communications go dead – the staff and children are totally alone with no help coming!

Luckily the aliens aren’t exactly terrifying. In fact they seem more interested in singing and dancing than invading Planet Earth…

At home the children’s families are seeing strange reports of UFOs on the news. Why can nobody get through on the phones?

Back at the besieged hospital, the staff prepare for a last stand against the invaders – but instead, the kids decide to find out what the aliens want.

It turns out the aliens have all sorts of ailments, and the staff get to work, helping each and every one. Delighted with their treatment, the aliens fix the communications and zoom off home – leaving the humans with a story NOBODY is going to believe!

This musical has 4 distinct cast groups – the Children, their Families, the Hospital Staff and the Aliens. Within the comic script are themes of resilience, the need for understanding, and most of all the resoucefulness of the wonderful NHS.

The 7 catchy new songs are written specifically for this age-group and can be listened to below.

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