Primary School Musicals and the joy of finishing them

2nd October 2017

Oh my word, we’ve done it. Victorian Villainy, our next show, is FINISHED. As usual, I am sick to the back teeth of it and never want to see it again.

Just like Beethoven felt, I imagine, when he finally scrawled the end of the 9th symphony. Just like Shakespeare writing “the rest is silence”, throwing the manuscript over his shoulder, shouting “I MEAN it” and stomping off to the nearest tavern. *

It isn’t actually published till January, which is great, because by then I’ll have recovered, and will think it’s brilliant again.

KS2 Victorian Musical

Which it is!

It’s a Victorian who-dunnit set in a mansion, with lots of Downton Abbey/Upstairs Downstairs shenanigans. There’s a dastardly villainess, some well-meaning but clueless toffs, their cannier children, and a whole army of servants (think of the scene from Annie when she meets all the staff and you’re getting near). I’m very fond of the sharp-eyed detective and the sharp-tongued kitchen maids. And it’s been fun getting all the period detail right.

The other Kane wrote the script ages ago and it has been on the shelf waiting for a clutch of decent songs. And now it has them!

But if I have to listen to them again I may set fire to my ears.

Victorian Villainy: out January 1st 2018 from Spiderweb Musicals.


Victorian Musical cover

A clip from the opener, “You Need A Holiday”:

And a clip from the detective & chorus’s song:

*and then writing the bit after, on a beermat. Because you never really stop writing it. EVER.